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SCCM Interview Questions

1. Prerequisites of sccm 2012 & 2007
2. Minimum system configuration for sccm 2012 & 2007 – 2007

3. Site sytem roles & explanation
4.Supporting configuration for CAS site & primary & secondary.
5. Different between 2007 & 2012 or new features in 2012
6. Software distribution flow to the clients
7. Patch management process flow
8. Difference between applications & packages in sccm 2012
9. Client & server log files

Interview questions for Patch Management :

1.What is branch DP and which protocal will use while transferring content from BDP to Client and DP to BDP

2.Patch deployment process
3.Different between update list and deployment management
4.Do need to install separate agent for endpoint protection on client machines?
5.Which log will you refer for patch synchronization?
5.Which log for for scanning the update deployment policy?
5.Which log file for compliance scan?
6.Which log file will you to check how many patch installed on client machines.
7.Which log file will show the WSUS server location?
8.Which log file will show patch downloading process to client machine?
9.Which location the compliance scan inventory data stored on client machines
10.How the patch will get deployed if deadline reaches ? and how the client machines comes to know the deadline is reached?
11.How to troubleshoot path download failed on client machines?
12.Task sequence deployment log file?
13.SCCM package creation process?
14.How to deploy newer version of adobe flash player on has machines which has older version currently installed?
15.What boundary and boundary groups?
16.Boundary differnce in sccm 2007 and 2012
17.What is obsolete records?
18.What is inactive clients?
19.Which log file will you refer for softare deployment overall process?
20.What is the use of content transfer manager?
21.What is SUP and use ?

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