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Hardware, Software and Discovery inventory information on WMI

Hi Guys,

I thought to share some information about where we can find inventory information on WMI like hardware inventory policy information, Inventory Action, Major & minor version of inventory.

  1. Hardware inventory policy information stored under ROOT\ccm\Policy\Machine\ActualConfig:InventoryDataItem in WMI which list the information’s needs to be collected from the machine. I have accessed WMI on using WMI explorer.exe (Download link :


2. You can see the  Hardware, Software & Discovery inventory action with last updated time, Report Type (Ex. Full or Delta) under the below path.



3.  Below is the location to find Inventory Major version (Full sync) & Minor version (Delta version) details. Heartbeat Discovery Report Type will always Full and only the Major version will change.

ROOT\ccm\InvAgt: InventoryActionStatus



4. To Trigger Full Hardware Inventory, Delete the Hardware inventory instance from ROOT\ccm\InvAgt: InventoryActionStatus Path in WMI. (open WMI via wbemtest) and then run Hardware inventory cycle. After that,If you see InventoryAgent.log on the Client machine, the Major Version would be 2.

 InventoryAgent.log : Inventory: Action=Hardware, ReportType=ReSync, MajorVersion=2, MinorVersion=0

Hope it helps you 🙂

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