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How to trace collected Hardware Inventory Report from a specific machine

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Hi Guys,

The below video show up how to trace or view the collected Hardware inventory report from a machine in the Site server before inserting into site database.

The below are some basics you need to know before looking at the video which help you to understand much better.

“ROOT\ccm\InvAgt: InventoryActionStatus” ->WMI path to can find inventory action ID details.

InventoryAgent.log -> Records the activities of Inventory details on the SCCM client machine.

MP_Hinv.log ->Management Point converts the collected Hardware inventory XML files from client machine to *.MIF file and place in the “Inboxes\auth\\” folder on the site server. This can be monitored through “MP_Hinv.log” (“C:\Program Files\SMS_CCM\Logs”)

Configuration Manager Service Manager  -> You can find this service manager under Monitoring node -> Component Status -> top ribbon in the SCCM console. This will help you to view the status of Configuration Manager Components and you can start, stop, pause & resume particular component.

SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER -> Component which loads the hardware inventory data(auth\\*.MIF) to Site database and log file for this component is “dataldr.log” and inboxes used “Inboxes\auth\\”



Hope it helps you. Thanks!

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