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Overview of Distribution Point installation

I have listed the process flows which will be taken during the installation of Local Distribution point. Collected the related logs and merged then after completion of installation wizard from SCCM console.

Once you complete the DP installation process from SCCM console. Take a look at the SMSProv.log and it creates the Distribution Point Instance under SMS_SCI_SysResUse class in WMI as shown in the below and also, inserts in the database, you can execute SQL query mentioned in the log to find the details of distribution Point.


WMI Properties:


SMSDBMOM component monitor the changes in the site control file and notify the appropriate component to process the file. In this case, HMAN will be triggered to process the file (P01.SCU).


HMAN Component will insert a row in the DP Information table for this DP and update Cert details and process the default packages to the newly installed DP.


You will see the following statemsg : ID=3306 in the HMAN.log once the file(P01.SCU) processed

Once the DP inserted in the Distribution table, SMSDBMON detects the changes in the database and notify the Distmgr component to process the installation. I have filtered the Distmgr.log by using installation thread(5124). At the end of installation, you will see the success statemsg(2399).


Hope this post helps you. Thank you 🙂


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