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Configure Remote Content Library for the site server

Beginning with 1806, we can move content library to a remote location for site server high availability and then free up the space on the site server. This actually make a copy on the remote server and then administrator has to manually delete SCCMContentLib folder on the site server. There are some prerequisites 1. Site server must have read and write permission to the Remote Share 2. Remove Distribution point role on the site server or else Manage Content Library Option(Administration -> Site) option will be disabled state.

LAB Setup:

  1. CM( – Site Server, MP
  2. RCL( – Remote Content Server

RCL Server:

  • I have created a share folder and gave read and write permission to the Site server computer account.

Remote ContentLib Path : \\rcl\Contents\SCCMContentLib

CM Server:

  • On CM server, Goto Administration -> Site Configuration -> Site and select the site and click on Manage Content Library. Please provide Remote SCCMContentLib location and click on Move.

Log Flow

SMSProv.log – Once the new location specified, it will write the changes in the database.

SMSDBMON.log – Database Notification Monitor component monitors the SQL changes and then place the P01.CLM file under Distmgr inbox to process the content library change.

Distmgr.log – Distribution Manager Component will take care of copying the files to the new location. First, it will verify the connectivity to the new location and copy the files and then proceed with validation.

You can see the new content library details under site details.

I would like to show the changes in the site server before & after content library movement.


SQL Tables

Below are tables has been updated with new location after movement.

Stored Procedure

I noticed the below two stored procedures will take care of inserting new contentlib location and cleanup activity.




Remote SCCMContentLibrary Loation

As you can see the all SCCMContentLib folders and files has been copied to the new remote location.







Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you 🙂

3 Comments on Configure Remote Content Library for the site server

  1. Phillip Lötter // October 31, 2018 at 7:26 pm // Reply

    Seems in CAS situation, it is only available for CAS and not Primaries?
    Would have been nice if it was on that and secondaries as well.


  2. Petr Sanda // July 23, 2020 at 3:06 am // Reply

    Hello Karthick,
    thanks for your post! I am now trying to move CAS content library to a NAS location and although I have granted full control permissions for the CAS computer account, PS computer account, MP computer account as well as our service account and team members and while trying to move the library it throws an error “folder \\?\UNC\SERVERFQDN\Share\SCCMContentLib_CAS\ does not exist or is not accessible.” It somehow messes the path but in next message it is correct: “Retry copying content library to \\SERVERFQDN\Share\SCCMContentLib_CAS\ in 60 minutes.”

    Getting a little confused. The share is accessible also by team members who have full permissions and it simply works for us. Can you please help with the permissions? Which account really requires the permissions on the NAS?



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