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Error sending DAV request HTTP code 500 status Internal server error 0x800705b4 DataTransferService.log

Recently, we noticed the downloading issue on the client machines. The applications and updates were stuck with Downloading 0% and received the below error in the DataTransferService.log.

Error : Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 500 status ‘Internal server error’ 0x800705b4

Initially, i thought the issue could be with 443 port connectivity failure to DP server so i run the below two URLs to test the connectivity.

https://<DP server Name>:443

https://<DP server Name>:443/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$

I run the 1st URL on the client machine and it displayed the IIS web page so there is no issue with 443 port from network side. But when i run the 2nd URL and received the below message so I decided that there is something went wrong in IIS on the DP server.


1. Logged into DP server and verified IIS service under services.msc & IIS manager, it was running fine.

2. Opened IIS Manager and verified certificate binding for 443 port & certificate expire date in certificate console and no issues with that.

3. Expanded Default Web site and Clicked on SMS_DP_SMSPKG$ -> IIS Authentication, noticed that all authentication were enabled state so disabled ASP.Net Impersonation & Forms Authentication and restarted IIS service. After that, the client machines are started downloading contents from DP server.

I hope this helps you. Thanks šŸ™‚

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