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Send custom notifications to Android devices with Intune

There is a new feature introduced in Intune that we can send custom notification messages to the registered users having iOS and Android devices and it’s not supported for Windows devices. The custom message can have 500 characters or less and we can send 25 messages per hour. The notification will appear even in the lock screen. Using this feature, we can notify users If there is an alert or to convey an important message and it will be delivered up to one hour after notifications sent from console. There are some considerations to use this feature.

1. Devices must have company portal installed.

2. Google Play services should be installed on the Android devices.

3. Devices must be MDM enrolled.

To configure this, go to Devices -> Send custom notification blade.

On the Basics Tab, specify the Title & Body of the message to send the users and click Next. Title limited to 50 characters and the message limited to 500 characters.

On the Assignments tab, select the targeted groups and Click Next. Only users will be targeted and not the devices included in the group.

On the Review + create Tab, summary of the custom notifications will be displayed and please review if everything is fine and click create to send notification to targeted users.

Within 15mins, I received the notification to my android device and the full message displayed once I click the notification. It will also appear under notifications in the company portal on your android device.

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