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Installation and configuration of iSCSI Target Server on Windows Server 2019

With iSCSi Target Server, any server that is running on Windows Server 2012 or later can function as a Storage Device. To install the role,

Open Server Manager, open Add Role and Features and click Next.

Select the destination server to install roles and features and click Next.

On the Server roles page, select iSCSI Target Server role under File and Storage Services -> File and iSCSI Services and click Next.

Click install to proceed with role installation and select Restart option to restart automatically during installation if required.

Installation is in progress and wait to complete installation.

Installation completed and click Close the wizard.

Once installation completed, navigate to File and Storage Services -> iSCSI node. Now, we need to create iSCSI disk on the server.

Click on To create on iSCSI virtual disk, start the New iSCSI Virtual Disk Wizard.

On the iSCSI virtual disk location page, select the storage location and please specify volume or type the custom path to create iSCSI disk file.

Provide the Disk Name and click Next.

It will show free space of the selected volume and in this case, I have specified the custom path in E: drive and it has 127 GB free space. Specify the Size of the iSCSI Disk(Disk01.vhdx), Type. When we choose Dynamic expanding file type, the iSCSI disk file size will be small once created and the size expands whenever data written. Click Next.


Choose New iSCSI target and click Next.

Specify the iSCSI Target name and click Next.

On the Specify access servers page, Click Add and provide the other server details(iSCSI initiator) which initiate the connection to access iSCSI disk on the iSCSI Target Server. The method of identify of initiator, select type and provide the value of iSCSI initiator server and click ok.

iSCSI initiator server details added and click Next.

Select Enable CHAP and specify User name & password for connection authentication and click Next.

Verify the configured details in the confirmation page and click Next to create ISCSI disk.

iSCSI Virtual Disk has been created on iSCSI Target Server and next proceed with iSCSI initiator configuration on the specified windows server.



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  1. Nice article..neat and simple


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