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How to configure iSCSI initiator on Windows Server 2019

In the previous post, I have installed & configured iSCSI Target server and assigned iSCSI initiator Server details as well. By default, windows server has built-in iSCSI initiator and I have given steps how to connect iSCSI target server using iSCSI initiator and assign the Disk on the server. Go to Control Panel -> Open iSCSI Initiator.

On the Targets tab, specify the iSCSI Target Server IP address and click Quick Connect button. The connection has been made successfully and iSCSI Target Server now connected.

iSCSI Target Server connected status under Targets, Discovery & Favorite Targets tabs.

On the Volumes and Devices Tab, Click Auto Configure and the available iSCSI drives will be listed automatically.

Open Disk Management(diskmgmt.msc), right click on the iSCSI Disk1 and choose Online.

When you configure the disk first time, you will be asked to initialize, format disk and assign driver letter . Since I have configured already, the iSCSI disk is listed directly on the server.



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