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Installation steps for Secondary Site

Prerequisites for installing secondary sites:

  • Install required Windows Roles and Features for Site System Prerequisites.
  • Add the Primary Site Server account into Local Administrators group on Secondary Site Server.

For Site System Prerequisites, Select .NET Framework 3.5 feature and click Next.

Select Remote Differential Compression and Click Next.

Specify the /sources/sxs path and click Install to complete the installation.

Prerequisites installation completed. Initiate Secondary site installation from SCCM console on Primary site instead of running setup file. Click Create Secondary Site for installation.

Management Point & Distribution Point will be installed along with secondary site installation. Also, Management Point must be installed on Primary site before secondary site installation. If not installed, you will receive a message to install.

Click Next.

Specify the Secondary Site Code, Site Server Name & Installation folder and Click Next.

Select Copy installation source files over the network from the Parent site server and click Next.

SQL Server Express will be installed during Secondary site installation and specify the Port numbers for SQL Server Service.

Provide the site description. Select install and configure IIS option which is prerequisite for Distribution Point installation and Click Next.

Choose the communication method & certificate and click Next.

Specify drive settings and click Next.

Specify the content validation for Distribution Point contents and click Next.

Verify the summary page and click next to start installation progress.

Secondary site installation wizard completed and verify ConfigMgrPrereq.log, ConfigMgrSetup.log & Click Show Status in the console to monitor the installation.

Secondary Site installation completed successfully.

Secondary site installed and active and connected to Primary site.

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